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We would like to hear your Views & Opinions

It is vital that we hear your needs so that we can be shaping our services to suite the Furniture Manufacturing Industry.

With 2009 now behind us and preparations under way to close the book on Financial year 2009 and start afresh this is a call to please participate and give your input as Western Cape Furniture Manufacturers. We are starting our planning sessions and it is basically your chance to put forward ideas and requests around the following issues.



We are starting our planning sessions and it is basically your chance to put forward ideas and requests around the following issues:

Skills Development

  1. Please advise what your company’s specific requirements are for training ?

Innovation & Design

  1. The 2010 design competition was launched on 24 August, with the theme LIVE.  Please call Bernadette Isaacs at 021 448 4436 for details and entry forms (bernadette@furniture.org.za) or visit capefurniture.za.org  (yes, it is .za.org) posters are being distributed to the factories, the closing date is only 19th February 2010, so there’s no excuse to miss the deadline.

      Do you have any suggestions/requirements around the competition? 

  2. The Fundamentals of Furniture Design e-learning course prepared by Iain Macdonald and Christian Blyt is finally ready and we will update you on how and when it will be implemented. 

    The target audience of company managers/owners, technical specialists and marketing personnel in the furniture industry will get a well rounded basic knowledge of design and how to evaluate, develop and improve designs in new product development.  Please indicate whether you or your staff members will be interested in doing the course.
  3. Do you have any other specific needs around innovation and design?

BEE/SMME Development

  1. Furniture Cluster Initiative  – the long term idea is to provide a framework for growth through mutual collaboration within the furniture industry in the Western Cape.  The Cluster must provide a platform for implementation of strategic interventions for economic growth, competitiveness, innovation and export readiness. 

    It should be able to facilitate joint ventures between local and international companies in the sector and support the development of small businesses by, for example, buying raw materials such as timber under a co-operative to give them a competitive advantage.

    There are also BEE initiatives and facilitating networking opportunities.  We would like some input from you and if you have suggestions around greater collaboration in the Western Cape.

  2. Productivity SA Turnaround Solution/Social Plan that was presented to us earlier this year and re-launched in August because our companies have less than 50 employees and Productivity SA would like us to form clusters between  2 or 3 small companies to make the programme viable.  Please indicate whether you are interested and if you are willing to collaborate in this way to get the benefit of this free programme.

  3. HR Shared Services - How would feel about the WCFI having a HR Shared Services for the Furniture providing recruitment and  Industrial relations related services?

  4. Are you for or against Cluster collaboration and why?

Industry Development

  1.  Trade Shows – I think it is important that we in the Western Cape think of ways to market and promote our local Industry in Cape Town and even abroad.  There are huge market opportunities and several hotel developments in Southern Africa.

    There are many different trade shows each year which attracts throusands of buyers and we need to get in on the action.  The idea is to not display our goods individually, but to create a type of Cape Pavillion where a lot of different manufacturers are represented and our work presented in a creative manner.  Please indicate if this type of thing would interest you, which trade fairs you would be interested in displaying at and put forth any other ideas that you might have on the subject.

  2. Do you think we have a proud heritage of furniture making in the Western Cape?  Well I do, and I suggest we promote our local industry through a Furniture Makers Map, where we list all our factories, with a short description of what we do and the diverse skills and services we offer which will go onto the WCFI website. 

    I constantly refer people to other factories when I cannot help them and I have even made my own photocopied map which I use for this purpose. 
    What do you think? 

Please forward your responses by 11.2.2010 to info@capefurniture.za.org

Thanking you in advance
Bernadette Isaacs

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