FIETA (Forest Industries Eductaion & Training Authority)
FIETA is proud to serve the South African forest industries, which is a world leader in plantation forests. To maintain this world leadership position, FIETA is committed to producing skills that are world class in quality.

Furniture Bargaining Council Site
The Bargaining Council for the Furniture Manufacturing Industry of the Western Cape has been in existence for more than 50 years. The Council originated under the Industrial Conciliation Act of 1937 and was registered as an Industrial Council on 8 August 1958.

Furntech is South Africa’s only Centre of Excellence for the furniture industry and is the first port of call for anyone looking for information on business incubation and /or skills development in furniture manufacturing.

Cape Furniture Manufacturers' Association
The CFMA is a registered employer’s organisation in terms of the Labour Relations Act and represents and serves employers (businesses) in the furniture manufacturing industry as a collective. The CFMA is party to the Furniture Bargaining Council and represents its members in collective bargaining with Unions at an Industry level. Collective bargaining at this level includes negotiations regarding conditions of employment and

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