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The designs of Forest Creations are inspired by the natural curves, colours and shapes of trees.

Forest Creations are an eco-friendly green based business - all products are made from storm-damaged, felled or dead trees. Each product is unique and made to the highest standard of craftsmanship. They are based in Cape Town but ship their products and furniture worldwide.

They use various local and exotic timbers, including red gum, white gum, stone pine, oak, blackwood, yellowwood, stinkwood, camphor, wild olive and cypress and Red River Gum is one of the more stable timbers when dry.

The timber up to about 35mm thick can be kiln dried, but thicker is better to air dry ±1 year. Is a hard durable wood and can be used for outside furniture and decking planks. Externally timber can be oiled/ or sealed to keep its beautiful red colour or left unsealed to go silver grey from weathering.

For more information on Red River Gum and Forest Creations contact Craig Bramwell on Email: info@forestcreations.co.za or Tel/ Fax: (021) 703 7082. Website: http://forestcreations.co.za

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Back Ground Information on the Western Cape Furniture Initiative

As you all probably know by now representatives of organizations in the furniture industry established a Section 21 Company (a company not for profit) called the Western Cape Furniture Initiative with the main purpose of facilitating programmes in order for employers to grow their factories, generate healthy profits and consequently more jobs are created.

Western Cape Furniture Initiative
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Phone: 021 447 6406
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E-mail: info@capefurniture.za.org

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